Primeview innovates with HDR, 4K, IP-based video walls

By Primeview

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Primeview, the global leader in advanced display solutions, has been taking a strategic approach to making its video display products compatible with the technology of today, tomorrow and well beyond.

“This is certainly the year where the broadcast industry is taking a close look at IP, 12G-SDI, HDR and 4K UHD. In truth, many manufacturers are looking at this market demand and thinking how do we solve this,” said Chanan Averbuch, EVP at Primeview.

As broadcasters begin to implement technologies such as ultra high definition, 4K and IP-based television production in every area ranging from control rooms to cameras to media assessment management, the rise in popularity of on-set video walls also must be carefully considered.

As the use of studio technology such as video walls grows, so will the demand for the ability to reliability feed a wide range of real-time content, graphics and video to these arrays to enhance storytelling and create standout broadcasts in a cluttered market.

In studio video wall compatibility with a slate of the latest and emerging technologies will become increasingly important as broadcast engineers begin to look toward upgrading their stations’ infrastructures and equipment for compatibility with these exciting new options.

Primeview has developed a variety of proprietary solutions to give its video panels and walls a way to essentially operate within hybrid IP and SDI workflows.

This gives broadcasters the flexibility to feed crystal clear and dynamic content to on-set video walls and arrays using both current technologies and, as time marches forward, smoothly transition to both the “hybrid” and, eventually, full implementation of these technologies.

“At Primeview, we have taken the real world feedback from broadcast professionals and have made real word action from development into real product that addresses the market needs with IP, 12G SDI, high-dynamic-range imaging and 4K ultra HD processing native in our displays,” Chanan Averbuch, EVP at Primeview.

There still remains a significant skills gap and shortage of broadcast professionals who can support the IT infrastructure requirements to properly see IP adoption being successful.

This places leading manufacturers such as Primeview in the position play a key role in helping to simplify the SDI and IP infrastructure.

The company is uniquely suited to help guide customers looking to install video wall solutions that offer a full range of compatibility and options in both hardware and integration.

Video wall solutions can also be uniquely engineered to a client’s’ specific needs in terms of both size, configuration, features and compatibility with any variety of current or future technological requirements.

By working directly with strategic broadcast manufacturers, Primeview also offers the ability to create video wall solutions in a myriad of creative and unique configurations, giving both scenic designers and their station partners the ability to create eye-catching looks backed by solid hardware platforms.

Primeview emphasizes that It is imperative for broadcasters to adapt to next generation of technology platforms that also provide a fail-safe for any issues that may arise.

The video panel hardware developed and manufactured by Primeview takes this into consideration at every step of its research, development and manufacturing.

The company works to provide video wall solutions that fit into the workflows and technological infrastructures of today while also ensuring the equipment will be compatible with future developments in the broadcast engineering realm.

This not only maximizes the return on investment from purchasing video panels and hardware from Primeview.

“The demand for ultra HD+ HDR is clearly there from both a content and infrastructure standpoint,” said Chanan Averbuch, EVP at Primeview.


This highlights the need for manufacturers to seriously consider how to be backward compatible for SD, HD, FHD, UHD — and perhaps, sometime in the future, 8K.

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