Emerson College unveils new set

Emerson College in Boston has debuted a new set over summer break.

The set, from James Yates Production Design with fabrication by Mystic Scenic Studios, gives the student productions for WEBN, WEBJ and J Channel two flexible new venues.

The new look features color changing LED and video panels, allowing each channel or show to take on a unique look while still maintaining a consistent look across all products originating from the space.

The main anchor area features a glass and internally lit desk with monitor and high seating backed against a video panel and color changing panels. 

Nearby solid walls can be splashed with a variety of colors, while a portable monitor adds a standup and weather venue.

A separate interview-style set includes Boston cityscape duratrans with an additional monitor and flexible seating.

The station’s previous set, shown here, was installed in 2003.

Photos by Derek Palmer courtesy Emerson College 

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