Toolfarm introduces After Effects plugin to speed up rendering

Toolfarm released this week a plugin for Adobe After Effects that works to accelerate render speeds by as much as 3X.

RenderGarden, developed by Mekajiki, leverages existing system hardware processing power to improve the speed of motion graphics and visual effects workflows, a release from the company notes.

In addition to single system optimization, RenderGarden features unlimited render nodes for leveraging the processing power of multiple systems across a single network.

“RenderGarden was born from a recent multi-user After Effects project at Swordfish, our sister company that does design and production. The team was working off-site in 6K and did not have access to our internal render farm. With the large file sizes, we quickly hit a bottleneck,” said Matt Silverman, CEO at Mekajiki. “Setting up a render farm was not quick or in the budget. Our team repurposed some custom code we wrote for our render set up. The result was a simplified distributed rendering tool for After Effects.”

RenderGarden is available at an MSRP of $99.