Tegna Texas Fox affiliates debut new logo designs

KXVA the Tegna owned Fox affiliate in Abilene, Texas, and its San Angelo, Texas sister station KIDY have rolled out a new logo design along with updated graphics and music.

Both stations are now emphasizing their call signs using the bold, clean typography found in many of Tegna station logo redesigns. 

A hallmark of both logos is that the call letters are very tightly spaced — to the point where some overlap but are still clearly defined by thin outlines.

KXVA’s old “Fox 15” logo has moved down below the call letters in a thick bar, while the Fox logo is placed in a similar location in KIDY’s version.

KIDY’s logo has a more prominent version of its channel number, “10,” with the angle of the “top hat” of the “1” matching that of the “Y” to the left.