Roundup: Broadcast design and production at 2018’s World Cup

With France beating Croatia, the 2018 FIFA World Cup has come to a close — but here’s a roundup of NewscastStudio’s complete coverage of the broadcast design and production used by networks around the world.

Broadcasters around the world worked hard to capture the look and feel of Russia, the host country, as well as finding new and exciting ways to present visual storytelling.

Here’s a roundup of some of the highlighting of NewscastStudio’s coverage. To find all of our coverage, click here.

[picbox id=”67336″ caption=”Take a dynamic ride through this Russian and football influenced open.”]

[picbox id=”67504″ caption=”BBC uses Russian themed snow globe design.”]

[picbox id=”67467″ caption=”Take a look at the custom bespoke font developed just for the World Cup 2018.”]

[picbox id=”67491″ caption=”Two German networks opted to produce coverage of the games in Russia from Germany.”]

[picbox id=”67835″ caption=”Discover how the iconic St. Basil’s Cathedral influenced ITV’s augmented reality and real set.”]