When a hurricane isn’t a hurricane anymore: Changing Florence branding

With the storm formerly known as Hurricane Florence now downgraded to a tropical storm, but still in the national spotlight, the networks have changed over to alternate branding for coverage.

NBC News is using the alliterative “The Fury of Florence” with the words “The Fury of” replacing the word “Hurricane” in its normal hurricane branding logotype.


Both ABC and CBS are using a variation of “Tracking Florence,” with ABC differing that it has kept the “State of Emergency” subtitle it used when the storm was still a hurricane for “Good Morning America.”

Meanwhile, CNN is using a mix of its hurricane themed graphics package — with the “Hurricane Headquarters” references removed and its normal breaking news look.

Fox has opted to mostly reference the storm as “Tropical Storm Florence” in its normal lower third insert graphics, though it has retained a storm status “sliver.”

Starting off “Fox & Friends Saturday,” the network used Studio F’s large floor video panel to showcase a map of the storm while the large video wall showcased imagery from New Bern, North Carolina.