ABC 7 Chicago celebrating Illinois’ 200th birthday

ABC O&O WLS in Chicago is prepping to mark Illinois’ 200th birthday with “Bicentennial Bash” segments.

The gold and blue ‘Bicentennial Bash’ title card WLS is using.

The station’s first stop Friday was Naperville complete with a ABC 7 branded cake and packages highlighting the history of the area. 

Reporter Mark Rivera was dispatched to the suburban city, with Chopper 7 HD hovering above for Friday, Nov. 2, 2018’s morning newscast.


In addition, traffic anchor Roz Varon hosted a running “Secret Structures” game — with the station’s title card turned into a “puzzle,” with new pieces removed throughout the broadcast to expose the image of a local landmark behind it. 

The station encouraged viewers to submit their guesses on Facebook.

The look also includes matching third tiers on the station’s lower third insert graphics.