How network newscasts covered the ‘feisty’ Trump press conference

After a testy press conference Wednesday, Nov. 8, 2018 that included a heated exchanges between Donald Trump and multiple reporters, including, most notably, CNN correspondent Jim Acosta, whose credentials were suspended by the White House, the networks found themselves having to cover the presser itself.

NBC Nightly News‘ offered a full package on the press conference in general with the words ‘lashing out’ appearing next to Holt about six minutes in. The package described the presser as ‘feisty’ and ‘combative.’ During its package from Peter Alexander, the network referred to Jim Acosta only as a ‘TV correspondent’ — but then aired Trump’s own remarks that indirectly linked him to CNN.


CBS Evening News,’ which expanded to an hour Wednesday, mentioned the press conference as part of other coverage early in the broadcast. About eight minutes in, the newscast covered the press conference, but did not refer directly to Acosta, CNN or any of the other network correspondents who sparked angry responses from Trump. The broadcast also covered the press conference again in the second half hour block.

On ‘ABC World News Tonight,’ the network covered the press conference under the banner ‘combative press conference,’ but did not reference the Acosta exchange or mention any other network or correspondent, but instead focused on the overall tone of the event and the specific topics Trump addressed.