11 examples of patriotic looks in broadcast design

Broadcast design is packed with opportunities to include references to patriotism — including borrowing the stars, stripes and colors from the U.S. flag. 

With election season having just passed, here’s a look at some of the notable designs from this year and the past.

1. NBC’s ‘The Vote’

For the 2018 midterm elections, NBC News and MSNBC branded under the name ‘The Vote’ and designed a large star icon in red and blue. A off white and gray flag background was used. The fabric texture and motif was also used in the network’s opens. 

2. ABC News 2018 Election Night

ABC News used the American flag’s stripes as inspiration for its 2018 election night look, which also included flat ‘ribbons.’

As a side note, ABC also built a massive circular election set, which looked a bit like Independent Day on steroids — or Uncle Sam’s secret lair.