Golf Channel marking 25 years with special logo

Golf Channel is celebrating 25 years on the air with a special logo design.

The design is variation on the logo that was first announced in 2013 and rolled out in 2014 — with the NBC peacock on the left and stylized “Golf” logotype on the right with an optional “Channel” line under.

For the 25th anniversary version, a “25” is added to the left of the lockup with a dramatic downward slash cutting off part of the “5.”

Meant to convey a sense of motion, the 2013 logo design’s “O” has a “notch” taken out of the lower left corner near the “G” and also interrupts part of the downward stroke on the “L.” 


The “G” echoes the “O” and its circular footprint.

Meanwhile, the “L” and “F” which, because of their more prominent right angles, can’t convey the notion of movement as well, could be read as a club or putter and flag marker, respectively.

In this variation of the network’s original logo, a ‘G’ was used inside of a circle, but visualized as a fairway or movement leading to a tee. 

The “25” in the anniversary logo, appears to have elements inspired by the letterforms in “Golf” as well as the distinctive “notches.”