NewscastStudio resolves video quality issues

A quick update from NewscastStudio: We recently became aware of technical issues that were causing videos featured on our popular YouTube channel to appear in significantly lower quality.

We have resolved the issue on our end and, starting Aug. 17, 2020, began uploading videos in a format that improves the quality of videos.

We apologize for this issue.

The issue was unrelated to YouTube’s pandemic practice of defaulting videos to lower quality, though to view the full quality videos, you may need to manually adjust the quality in the player.

NewscastStudio’s YouTube channel has, as of this writing, over 8,100 subscribers and has registered over 4,000 hours of view time in the past month.

All told, NewscastStudio’s videos on YouTube have been watched over 6.8 million times for a combined total of over 97,300 hours.