NewscastStudio hits 10,000 subscribers on YouTube

NewscastStudio’s YouTube channel has reached a key milestone — 10,000 subscribers.

The channel, which features a myriad of clips related to TV news and broadcast design, now has racked up more than 8 million views since launch.

That equates to over 117,000 hours of watch time (that’s the equivalent to over 13 years!). 

Our top video, of ABC News correspondent Will Reeve caught on air not wearing long pants, is our most watched video — with over 921,000 views as of this writing.

All of our top six most watched videos have over 100,000 lifetime views, with our top 10 all coming in at at least 59,000 views.

NewscastStudio has significantly invested in the use of video to accompany reporting on both our main site as well as our sister site, TVNewsMix, over the past few years.

The channel regularly features aircheck clips showcasing exemplar broadcast design, augmented reality and more, as well as the headline teases and opens for major networks during historic periods, ultimately creating a valuable archive of how TV news covered key events (including the historic coronavirus pandemic and 2020 election) at the time.

All of this comes as we near the end of 2020, which is shaping up to be another record year of page views on the NewscastStudio site proper. 


Not surprisingly, election day (Nov. 3, 2020) saw the most traffic so far in November 2020 and the month as a whole appears on track to beat May 2019 as the busiest month in our history. 

Video content added to YouTube appears to have contributed heavily to pushing past the 10,000 subscriber mark.

In addition to YouTube, NewscastStudio also recently launched a Giphy channel that regularly features eye catching animated GIFs of broadcast design elements.

As always, thanks to everyone who reads and watches our content.

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