‘The Chase’ visualizes its name with impressive array of graphics, lighting effects

ABC’s new game show “The Chase” leverages a plethora of LED video panels and lighting effects to create a dynamic gameplay environment with multiple visual and literal references to the idea of .

The primary contestant area features curved internally lit columns that, thanks to reflections in the floor, appear to “chase” each other around the floor.

Contestants stand at a wide, single anchor-desk style lectern (designed specifically for social distancing) fronted with LED that can show money totals and contestant names. The use of LED also lets its transition from all three players to just one as the game goes on — easily keeping their names in front of them.

Behind this is a large, curved LED ribbon that ends up hitting about head height for most contestants. In early stages of the game, this shows various animated graphics as serves as more of a subtle background element.

The set in a warmer color scheme.

Later, however, it becomes a numbered horizontal “chase track” of sorts that tracks the progress of contestants and the challenging “Chasers” as then try to answer rapid fire questions and, depending on incorrect or correct responses, have the direction of progress halted or reversed. 


Meanwhile, whoever is serving as a Chaser for a particular episode — Ken Jennings, James Holzhauer or Brad Rutter, sits about a level up near the top of an angled LED installation that stirs up “Plinko” connotations (albeit a much more high tech version). 

This display also shows the progress of the chase — from top to bottom — of both the Chaser (in gold) and contestant (in blue) — with the goal being to be the first one to reach the slot where the banked monetary value is displayed.

Other elements throughout the studio include smaller, thinner LED accents with “chasing” light patterns and an LED floor.

The show makes heavy use of carefully coordinated transitions that involve music, sound effects, robotic lighting, changes to the video panel graphics and internally lit elements all taking place at one — or in various combinations.

The set also includes a mezzanine level entry “hallway” for the Chaser — with thin vertical elements set against black.

The ‘Chaser’s Lounge.’ 

In addition there’s an off camera “lounge” for the two Chasers not playing to watch the game progress and occasional pipe in with thoughts and words of encouragement for contestants or the Chaser.

The “chase” motif is also carried through the open, where the letters in the show’s name appear to “run” in a circle after each other.