Live production for events made easy with virtual studios

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Broadcasting and live events have been seriously impacted in 2020 due to social distancing requirements and travel restrictions – due to the COVID-19, resulting in a dramatic drop of production and live events.

Virtual technology however has proven to be a core essential for broadcasters and content providers enabling their mission with remote shooting or virtual events.

Social distancing presented many challenges this year. Brainstorm quickly pivoted to deliver Virtual Weeks with live webinars and virtual production demonstrations streamed live on the company’s YouTube channel when industry trade shows were cancelled. The company created photorealistic virtual productions with two presenters located in different cities miles away from each other, using InfinitySet with Unreal Engine.

This same technology helped customers in many countries to overcome the same challenges presented by the pandemic. In the very early days of the pandemic, back in March 2020, Brainstorm helped medArt Basel, Switzerland’s largest medical congress deliver a virtual event.

Production company Nominari proposed Basel University Hospital, congress organizers, the option of deploying virtual production techniques to place the speakers on a virtual set. The auditorium prepared for hosting the event was then converted into a virtual set, and the event streamed live to the audience using InfinitySet.


Florida based Multi Image Group (MIG) launched virtual live streaming events for many of their clients using InfinitySet, designing and creating vivid experiences that inspire very specific actions in their client’s target audience.

MIG has provided service to a number of their clients producing complex events like live tele-transportations of presenters shot live in different cities while simultaneously placing them together in the virtual studio. With no noticeable lag-time MIG was able to bring in live interviews into a huge video wall using standard streaming and teleconference applications.

When live events were canceled TD Ameritrade Network (TDAN) utilized Brainstorm’s InfinitySet to migrate their Market Drive physical events to the online realm by placing them in a live virtual Town Hall.

Broadcast Management Group (BMG), a Brainstorm Premium reseller in the US, proposed replacing the Market Drive with virtual Town Halls, and within 6 days, BMG was able to produce an incredibly successful, four-hour-long, live Town Hall for TDAN at their Chicago Studio. BMG created all of the show graphics, a complete virtual set, and also configured six remote locations.

Brainstorm’s virtual production technology has been the tool of choice for a growing number of organizations to reach target audiences at a time when human connection has never been so essential. – In America, Europe and Asia, live events like music awards, presentations, e-Sports or congresses, have gone virtual to ensure their very existence while also reaching audiences with their message. Events will eventually be live and public again but enhancing content and delivery with virtual technology is certainly here to stay.


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