Vizrt revamps offering, launches subscription-based model for broadcast solutions

Designed to fit the changing landscape of broadcasting, Vizrt has rethought its product lineup around a new subscription-based business model branded as Flexible Access.

The shift to an OPEX business model allows end-users the ability to scale resources based on need or project without a large, upfront capital investment. This ability is helpful around big events – such as elections or world sporting events – when additional licenses are needed only for a temporary time period and is especially relevant as broadcasters continue to utilize remote resources due to work from home. 

Flexible Access is built on three key pillars for broadcasters, namely, producing personalized content, scaling technology on-prem or in the cloud and building confidence to try new things in the marketplace. 

“This was not driven by us, this was driven by customer needs and an understanding of what they saw happening in the market,” said Dr. Andrew Cross, president of R&D at Vizrt Group. “What we’ve seen time and time again is every one of them is needing to produce more media which means they need to scale up the number of productions. They need to be able to do this without having to put together huge studios which have massive investments behind each one.”

Daniel Nergard, Vizrt’s global president, notes this move lowers the barriers to entry for potential customers, allowing a quicker return on investment.

“Customer wants to be able to scale up and scale down. They want to be able to use the same product for different levels of production,” said Nergard. “The cost of the tool is one thing but the benefit of standardizing the workflow on fewer solutions… that is super important.”

“Flexibility is even more important to them than price nowadays,” said Michael Hallen, CEO of Vizrt Group. 


Flexible Access includes the following suites of tools based on use case:

  • Vizrt Newsroom – Template-based tools for journalists
  • Vizrt Extended Reality XR – Virtual and augmented reality sets and sports analysis tools, such as Vizrt XR Set
  • Vizrt Production Control – Graphics, automation and live production tools
  • Vizrt Media Workflow – Media asset management 
  • Vizrt Channel Branding – Channel playout and channel branding

Flexible Access also includes an enhanced customer support offering with around the clock support available in the various tiers. 

“This is about customer experience in all aspects,” notes Hallen.

“Flexible Access plans start at $1,795 per month based on the product suite and tier. For those looking to produce virtual and augmented reality elements, XR Set Solution, for example, has a starting price point of $2,395 per month.