Shotoku adds arc movement to SmartPed robotic pedestal line

Shotoku has introduced a new feature for its SmartPed robotic pedestal called Orbit which adds the ability for clockwise and counterclockwise movements around circular sets,

The manufacture notes that traditionally robotic pedestals have moved in a straight line to the left or right. With the new Orbit feature on the TR-XT Control Panel, the pedestal immediately translates the X-axis into an arc around an orbital center point.

“Our sophisticated new Orbit functionality for SmartPed continues to highlight the company’s strong commitment to the production community. Like so many Shotoku features, Orbit is incredibly valuable in countless situations, yet simple to use under the pressures of live studio production. We’re pleased to confirm that Orbit and Sequence come as standard features of our TR-XT control system with no additional cost,” said James Eddershaw, Shotoku managing director.

SmartPed includes multi-zone collision avoidance and detection systems and an electro-mechanical steer/drive system with an instant switchover from local to remote operation.