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ARRI endorses, adds support for B-Mount 24 V battery standard

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ARRI has endorsed the B-Mount as a universal 24 V battery industry standard and plans to use on current and future cameras and lights.

B-Mount, developed by bebob, is an openly available new battery mount industry standard with a variety of manufactures already announcing adoption plans.

Issues with camera systems can often be traced to battery capacity limit, notes ARRI. The new 24 V industry standard offers a future-proof solution for the growing power demands of professional camera and lighting systems with the potential for increased power three times greater with B-Mount than traditional 12 V systems.

The B-Mount system offers robust construction, a compact form factor, and seamless interlocking. It is capable of withstanding intense vibrations from powerful modern camera stabilizer systems and is compliant with stringent onboard safety standards for the lighting industry.

Another advantage of B-Mount is the opportunity it can provide for advanced communication between batteries and camera or lighting equipment. This can facilitate, for example, highly accurate readouts of remaining run time and charge time, increasing efficiency on set.

B-Mount plates or adapters are available for all current ARRI cameras, as well as SkyPanel S30, S60 and S120 lights.

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