CNBC revamps intraday news updates with virtual set

CNBC’s mid-show news updates have been redesigned with a virtual environment and brighter hue.

Previously, the “CNBC News Update” had an anchor seated with a generic control room-esque, multiviewer background while headlines would appear in a sidebar graphic.

The change relocates the anchor – in this case, Rahel Solomon – to CNBC’s dedicated chromakey studio with a virtual set powered by Brainstorm’s InfinitySet.

The previous “News Update” open.

The updated open of CNBC’s “News Update.”

The virtual set allows for a variety of configurations based on the number of headlines and de-emphasizes the need for stock footage or story b-roll, as the video clips are now overlaid in the environment.

The virtual set design matches CNBC’s glassy, data-filled on-air brand with a brighter blue color compared to the previous look.

The physical desk follows the look of “The News with Shepard Smith,” including subtle color-changing lighting in the desk frame. 


CNBC also utilizes Brainstorm’s tools for its insert and augmented reality graphics, with Ncam providing camera tracking.