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Radio Television Española invests in Chyron products with studio upgrades

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Radio Television Española, Spain’s public broadcasting company, has included Chyron products in two updated studios in Madrid.

The solutions include the Chyron Prime Video Wall system, a Camio template-based graphics asset management solution and updated LyricX CG systems.

“RTVE has worked with Chyron real-time graphics authoring and playout technology for some years now, and it’s exciting to see how this implementation of Prime Video Walls, along with CAMIO workflow tools and LyricX, opens up new opportunities for leveraging advanced graphics across RTVE’s video wall installations,” said Rosa Pereiro, senior sales director for Southern Europe at Chyron.

“By unifying control under Camio, RTVE is reducing overall costs, simplifying operation for its graphics team and journalists, and delivering the advanced graphics today’s viewers expect to see in live news programming.”

Camio not only orchestrates the graphics workflow for RTVE news studios, but also enables integration of Chyron graphics authoring and playout tools into the news and production environment.

With Prime Video Walls, RTVE also gains the flexibility to play out graphics across any LED screen at any resolution, and across any new displays as they are added.

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