Case Study: tvONE drives new Church of God broadcast studio

By Contributed

Church of God, a Worldwide Association (COGWA),  has added a new broadcast studio to its Texas headquarters for use on its weekly news magazine, “In Accord.”

The studio, designed by Kelly Cunningham of COGWA, includes a three-panel monitor wall embedded in a gently curving wood wall with integrated light coves. 

The video wall uses 46 inch NEC monitors driven by a tvONE Coriomaster.

“The church approached AV Dallas with the desire to install a high-functioning 1×3 video wall to act as a ticker/multimedia backdrop for their broadcast series,” noted Dave Pollock, from supplier AV Dallas. 

“They specifically asked for the ability to display any combination of scrolling news ticker feeds, multiple overlaid images, and/or video clips, as well as custom-made static and animated graphics.”

“We wanted the monitor wall to be a focal point, yet required it to look architecturally integrated,” said Cunningham.

“Corimaster gives us the most flexibility for the price point on how we integrate and use our setup. Its ability to easily adapt to a monitor matrix – or any format we wanted to come up with – made it an instant hit for us.”


“We are using the Corimasters mini’s internal and USB storage for some video and graphics as well as a dual HDMI 4K input card and dual DVI input card. We use a couple of computers hooked in as sources to switch between videos, motion logos and backgrounds as well as PowerPoint-hosted presentations,” Cunningham added.

“It has helped to realize our vision for our set and the dynamics of the content we hope to deliver.”