Dallas forecaster answers weather questions, Lucy style, from behind AR booth inspired by ‘Peanuts’

A Dallas morning meteorologist set up shop with an augmented reality “Peanuts”-style advice booth to answer viewer weather questions.

The segment aired Thursday, Aug. 5, 2021, on KXAS’s morning newscast.

In the segment, forecaster Grant Johnston sits on a stool “behind” an augmented reality booth inspired by the makeshift wooden one Lucy used to dispense advice from in the classic comic strip “Peanuts.”

After getting into position, Johnston was even able to trigger the “The meteorologist is out” sign to read “The meteorologist is in,” another element inspired by Lucy’s (which read “The doctor is in” and “The doctor is out”).

Morning co-anchor Evan Anderson joined the segment, standing camera left and posing the questions to Johnston. 

The segment took place in front of a large “Your questions answers” graphic.