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Environmental Lights launches new wash bar and PAR lights

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Environmental Lights has launched new 6-in-1 Wall Wash LED Light Bars & PARs.

New 6-in-1 Wall Wash Bars and PARs enable users to mix Red, Green, Blue, 6500K White, Amber, and UV to create a wide range of light color washes for both indoor and outdoor applications. These IP65 rated fixtures are fully DMX controllable and feature a standalone mode for simple non-DMX installations.

Features include:

  • Mix Red, Green, Blue, and Amber, 6500K White, and UV
  • UL Lised & RoHS Certified
  • Linkable Power & Data
  • DMX Controllable & Standalone Modes
  • Master / Slave Modes
  • Waterproof, IP65

6-in-1 wall wash fixtures can be easily linked together to extend and cover large areas with light. Built-in connectors enable both power and data to be shared from a single source. Additionally, they are available in multiple configurations to meet the needs of any given application.

6-in-1 Light Bars are available in a linear configuration of 0.5 meters long with 9 LEDs as well as 1 meter long with 18 LEDs. 6-in-1 Light PARs are available in 5 LEDs and 9 LEDs circular configurations.

“The 6-in-1 Wall Wash Bars and PARs are perfect for lighting scenic or architectural features” said Rob Dempsey of Environmental Lights. “They are robust fixtures with great features that allow customers to have complete control over the wash light.”

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