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Harvest Media launches production music integration with TikTok

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Harvest Media, a B2B platform for production music rightsholders, is now offering integration with TikTok, so customers can provide music and monitor usage for their tracks on the popular platform.

“We’re seeing a real trend toward delivering production music to social platforms,” explains Harvest Media Managing Director Angus Hayes in a statement. “Production music has a role to play in the expanding multi-million dollar market surrounding UGC, and companies want to get involved, either to keep track of any use of their music or to encourage users to dig into their catalog.”

Harvest Media’s core business is a global network of collaborating, interoperating catalogues and music publishers with sales and marketing agents in all regions and territories around the world. The platform is complemented by APIs and search and download solutions, to help clients transact with the catalogues licensing music, primarily for sync in advertising, TV production, and motion pictures.

Just as artists need a partner to get their music onto Spotify, business music users need a delivery service to manage data, audio quality, and other key moments.

In the case of TikTok, catalogue owners need to get their content onto the social platform for a multitude of reasons including whitelisting, and monetization and licensing.

To accomplish this, Harvest Media has built self-service tools that keep metadata pristine and provide audio format migration to reduce time-consuming double handling on both sides. This service is part of Harvest Media’s Export Manager suite.

Tracks can be delivered directly to one of TikTok’s media libraries, as well as to its Resso streaming service in Brazil, India, and Indonesia.

Harvest Media has already delivered more than half a million copyrights to TikTok.


TikTok joins other integrations, including Soundmouse, BMAT, Shazam, Dashgo, Adrev, and more than a dozen others globally.

“The production music world is bigger and more diverse in its needs than most people imagine. Music catalogs need to be everywhere,” says Hayes. “To ensure this, we’ve built a near indestructible network of catalogues, enabling our clients to transact their marketing and sales globally. As part of our remit, we assist our clients to get their music and metadata deep into workflows of services of all kinds, including short-form video apps like TikTok.”

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