NewscastStudio posts another record year on YouTube

2021 was another banner year for NewscastStudio on YouTube.

Our ever-popular YouTube channel garnered 4.9 million views total over 58,700 hours of watch time (that’s over 2,445 days if you’re keeping track).

We gained 6,600 subscribers over last year.

Some of our most popular clips continued to be our “supercuts” and “minicuts” of broadcasts and newscasts that introduced new graphics and sets, which typically include footage from one or more production edited together to showcase all of the new elements.

We’ve also added original content, including our “Broadcast Exchange” series that features interviews with industry pros.

NewscastStudio is also one of the leading channels for those working in the broadcast industry, reaching thousands of people working in newsrooms, production teams, stations and networks around the globe every week. Our YouTube Channel outperforms most other trade media’s presence significantly. 

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Coming in 2022, look for more original content and drool-worthy compilations of some of the best video in our extensive archives.