‘Today’ prepares to mark 70 years on the air

NBC News‘ “Today” is preparing to celebrate its 70th anniversary with a series of “look backs” and a logo created especially for the occasion.

“Today” will hit 70 years on the air Jan. 14, 2022, having debuted on the that date in 1952.

Throughout January 2022, the show is airing short segments from the network’s archives that spotlight key moments in the show’s history.

To accompany these segments and the anniversary, the show’s designers created a stylized “70” logo with the show’s sunrise logo inside of the “0,” which is shown as a true circle in order to match the curve of the “rays.”

The “7” is stylized to overlap the left side of the “0,” while a blue, violet, pink and silvery color scheme is used for the fullscreen stinger and graphic that appears in the lower left corner of the screen during segments.

This semitransparent element includes a smaller version of the logo along with a carefully crafted angular and radial element that echo the shape of the “7” and “0.”

The background graphic includes a variety of angles and curved elements that match the shapes in the “70” and also have visual connections to the show’s half circle logo and angular graphics package.