Brian Kilmeade’s new Fox show patriotic, but full of awkwardness

Brian Kilmeade’s new weekend show “One Nation” has a bold patriotic look offset with a textural flag motif — but its camera blocking, on screen moves and host camera turns leave a bit to be desired.

The show features the “Fox & Friends” co-host solo and is produced from Studio K, the space normally used to produce content for the network’s streamer, Fox Nation. It debuted Jan. 29, 2022.

The program attempts to make use of the space’s large seamless video walls and multiple camera setup to avoid having Kilmeade just appear on camera standing next to a big graphic all the time — and it does this by having him walk a few feet in one direction and switch cameras.

During some on camera segments, Kilmeade can be seen glancing off camera awkwardly, presumably a return monitor or crew member. At certain points during select segments he paused, walks a few feet away and turns to face a different camera — a move that could be quite effective but appears more stilted than fluid and lacks much “punch.”

At one point, he even walks from the standing position to take a seat at the L-shaped desk for an in-studio interview — which could have been a nice way to transition between segments, but he almost appears to have trouble sitting down (whatever he sits on appears to have had its back removed to preview an empty chair appearing on camera, and those types of seats can sometimes be a bit rickety). 

The show’s graphics use the network’s trademark geometric typeface with the basically requisite star accents. There’s also textured red, white and blue “fabric” panels accented with additional 3D stars.

Because the show’s name has three “Ns,” and the font happens to have exaggerated “points” in the upper left and lower right, the show’s logotypehas very strong “pointed” elements, especially once the 3D bevel effects Fox is so fond of are added in.

At the end of the debut show, Kilmeade notes that the prompter has gone black, which he takes to mean it’s time for him to leave.


He the proceeds to grab a tissue or cloth and “dust” one of the video panels before starting to walk off the set as music plays him out.