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NAB Show 2022: Flowics to showcase cloud graphics platform

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Flowics will be exhibiting at the 2022 NAB Show in Las Vegas, showcasing its comprehensive platform for powering remote and in-studio production of live graphics and interactive content.

Flowics will bring its industry-leading cloud-based graphics solutions to Connected Media|IP, an NAB Show destination that focuses on helping organizations deliver connected-content experiences. Flowics will showcase its Flowics Graphics solution and its data connectors, which simplify the integration of external live data from different sources to streamline broadcast graphics creation and operation.

Flowics Data Connectors

Anyone who is responsible for incorporating live data — say, up-to-the-minute sports stats, financial information, or weather conditions — into on-screen graphics knows what a challenge it is.

Flowics has found that live data integration with broadcast graphics is still a problem for most broadcasters. Data connectors are add-ons to Flowics Graphics, the HTML5, cloud-based broadcast graphics engine. With data connectors, Flowics eliminates any need for custom development to parse external data and feed it to on-air graphics. That work is done by the data connectors, saving precious time, and reducing costs for broadcasters.

Flowics data connectors require no hardware and no local software installation, which greatly simplifies production workflows. What’s more, initial users report easier operation, reduced time and costs for building data-driven graphics, and even the ability to manage graphics remotely thanks to the cloud nature of Flowics Graphics.

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