Vizrt’s Viz AI object tracking technology debuts with Daytona 500 on Fox

Vizrt debuted a new tool for data delivery during this past weekend’s Daytona 500 on Fox Sports.

Dubbed Viz AI, the solution tracks objects via a video feed, allowing dynamic graphic overlays.

“Thanks to our partners Vizrt we look forward to new ways in which we can layer information on the screen. The new Viz AI technology allows for sleeker and more elegant solutions for data delivery. We plan on exploring how we can use this technology on other sports broadcasts,” said Zac Fields, FOX Sports SVP Graphic Tech and Integration.

Vizrt’s new Object Tracker, powered by Viz AI, includes detection and tracking of objects – such as race cars during the Daytona 500 – over any incoming video feed.

No other data inputs are required to use the object tracker. Once an object is selected, it can then integrate with Vizrt’s 3D graphics ecosystem.

“Sports productions are perfectly positioned to take advantage of AI, they are fast, agile and full of data. We are incredibly proud of the success working with FOX Sports to bring its vision to life using Viz AI for the 2022 Daytona 500 introducing dynamic, and captivating content for viewers. And this is just the beginning – this release marks the start of a series of major graphics innovations in 2022 – so stay tuned!” states Daniel Url, Head of Global Product Management, Vizrt Group.

Vizrt’s Object Tracker solution will be officially available from early April.


Along with the new technology, Fox’s NASCAR coverage also featured new “video-game-like” graphics.