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NAB Show 2022: Cobalt Digital to show bridge to Dante audio

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Cobalt Digital has announced its NAB 2022 plans which include the introduction of +UDX-Dante-16×16, the industry’s first license-based 12G-SDI bridge to Dante audio.

The Company will also highlight its new Indigo 2110-DC-01 SMPTE ST-2110 solution, its line of compression products with a multi-link demo of RIST, and new Technicolor features for reversible inverse tone mapping SDR to HDR incorporated into Cobalt products. Cobalt Digital is a designer and manufacturer of award-winning edge devices for live video production and master control, and a founding partner in the openGear initiative. Demonstrations will take place in Cobalt’s Booth # N3713 on April at NAB 2022.

Dante is Audinate’s combination of software, hardware and network protocols that deliver uncompressed, multi-channel, low-latency digital audio over a standard Ethernet network. Dante effortlessly replaces point-to-point analog and digital connections with software-based routing sending AV channels anywhere on the network with perfect digital fidelity.

“Audinate is excited to have Cobalt implement our Dante Embedded Platform software solution into their 9904-UDX openGear modular card platform. Cobalt has invested in offering the ability to route audio quickly and easily to/from the 9904 platform over the Dante network to our ecosystem of over 3300 fully interoperable Dante enabled products”, said Tim Hall, Director of OEM Sales Americas. “We look forward to partnering with Cobalt in their launch and beyond to ensure a positive experience for their end users.”

According to Suzana Brady, Cobalt SVP of Worldwide Sales and Marketing, “The new +UDX-Dante-16×16 license, brings high-density, convenience and very cost-effective support to Dante users. Adding +UDX-Dante-16×16 to our lineup strengthens our product portfolio and broadens our already extensive market reach to further focus on expanding Pro AV applications and more support for live events. We’re so excited to show this long-awaited technology, alongside our other innovations, at NAB for the first time.”

Cobalt has made Dante’s IP-based audio networking solution available to users on a license-basis, which is field upgradable, by incorporating the functionality into the Company’s 9904-UDX processing card. +UDX-Dante-16×16 supports embedding and de-embedding all the way to 12G with full audio routing capabilities between SDI, MADI, and Dante, both input and output, adding up to 32 channels to existing 9904 cards for a high-density solution without the need for any new hardware. Users will be able to ingest and process up to 16 audio channels from the network and will be able to output up to 16 channels back into the network using Dante and the Ethernet port.

In addition to accessing Dante on Cobalt’s 9904 cards, users will also have access to the card’s other functions such as UDX, color correction, 3D-LUT, frame-sync, audio mixing which are still available while embedding and de-embedding to/from SDI.

+UDX-Dante-16×16 users can also benefit from Cobalt’s BBG-1300 compact and portable frame by inserting a licensed 9904 card into a frame, converting it to a standalone chassis.


At NAB, Cobalt will also show Indigo 2110-DC-01, its new openGear-based SMPTE ST-2110 solution with dual 25G interfaces and 4K support. This highly integrated factory option offers best-of-class native ST 2110 audio/video processing to the Company’s 9904-UDX-4K and 9905-MPx audio/video processor cards.

On the compression side, the 9992-ENC/DEC line has been enhanced with support for decoding Dolby AC-4 and Dolby E, as well as transport protocols such as SRT and soon, Zixi.

Cobalt will also conduct multiple demonstrations including ST 2110 processing, multi-link RIST in seamless switching mode using SMPTE ST 2022-7, and a new feature from Technicolor that allows reversible inverse tone mapping SDR to HDR, followed by SL-HDR1 in seamless fashion.

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