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NAB Show 2022: Marketron to highlight broadcast sales tools

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Marketron will feature products that empower innovators in the broadcast and media industry to strengthen their market leadership by delivering more scalable, predictable, and reliable revenue. The company will have a hospitality suite at the Encore at Wynn Las Vegas during the show.

Marketron REV – A Sales Growth Engine for Media Companies

For broadcast media salespeople, the disjointed process of creating proposals, optimizing pricing, converting to orders, and executing post analysis is exhausting and inefficient.

Sellers spend too much time re-entering data and going back and forth between systems, keeping them for selling. Break from these antiquated and time-intensive workflows with Marketron REV.

REV, an NAB Best in Market winner, is a sales growth platform purpose-built for broadcast TV and radio sales professionals. Streamline customer, proposal, and order management processes in a single platform. Sellers can focus on selling, not admin work.

At its core, REV is a dynamic pricing engine. You can improve top-line revenue by pricing based on data and demand. Dynamic pricing changes the game, delivering at least a 5% increase in revenue without adding inventory or salespeople.

Advanced algorithms and historical data do the work for you, setting spot prices based on current fill rates, timelines, ratings, and other key factors. You have total control over configurations with various rate curve options and setting floors, ceilings, and discount tolerances.

In the platform, you have access to avails and pricing, eliminating the need to look these up in traffic systems or spreadsheets. What once took hours can be completed in just 15 minutes! REV offers a robust and visual reporting and analytics suite. Capture insights on pipeline visibility, committed orders, top sellers, and how stations perform against targets.


REV also includes a broadcast-centric CRM to manage prospects and customers. This component keeps traffic data clean and allows you to monitor active proposals and orders. Finally, a solution that combines critical sales processes into one easy-to-use, intuitive platform. Explore how REV can power your sales growth.


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