Alghad tackles complexity of Russia-Ukraine crisis with virtual explainer

Alghad TV (قناة الغد) has created a virtual explainer that explores multiple facets of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Lead by the network’s executive director of creative Nebras Hameed, the network’s in house design team included graphic manager Mostafa El Zanaty and designers Shady Faried, Ayman Mosbah, Marwan Haridy, Mahmoud Omar and Ismail Tantawy who created the virtual experience using Vizrt.

Editing and sound effects were handled by Tarek Gamil.

Unreal Engine was used for rendering the multiple scenes of the segment, which makes generous use of dramatic music and the sounds of war along with Arabic narration and 3D lettering outlining key facts and figures, most of which uses textures inspired by the natural elements in the scenes. 

While much of the segment depicts military facilities and forces in virtual environments, presenters are also inserted into the segment so that they appear to be standing on a portion of a physical studio set with a riser and video wall background that is used to show additional information.

There are also multiple views of a map of the region and models of artillery, which tend to exist more in a standalone space rather than a military themed scene.