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Teradek introduces Prism Flex, flagship 4K HDR encoder/decoder

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Teradek launches Prism Flex: their flagship 4K HDR encoder/decoder system designed for mission-critical IP video transport workflows.

Prism Flex is the successor to Teradek’s venerable Cube line of hardware codecs. Like the Cube, Prism Flex packs a ton of functionality into a tiny package – delivering secure, reliable, low latency streaming with a wide variety of transport protocols.

Prism Flex’s compact, low-power design and 12G-SDI and HDMI I/O make it easy to integrate into any live production workspace and workflow. With on-board recording and store and forward functionality, Prism Flex sets itself apart as the perfect complement to remote collaboration workflows. In addition, Prism Flex gives users secure monitoring options for viewing their streaming content with latency over WAN as low as 300ms on AppleTV, Mac OS, and iOS devices.

But the real story with Prism Flex is its color-accurate 4K HDR video streaming in AVC or HEVC. With 10-bit, 4:2:2 support, Prism Flex delivers the highest quality streaming video for broadcast and production workflows.

When paired with Teradek’s Core cloud platform, it transforms Prism Flex into an IP video powerhouse – allowing users to remotely collaborate, manage, archive, monitor, and distribute their streams to any and all destinations simultaneously.

  • Multi-streaming: Sends streams to multiple destinations simultaneously
  • Network Bonding: Avoids mid-stream drops and bonds several internet connections together.
  • Archiving: Saves on storage and keeps content in the cloud
  • Transcoding: Transcodes video to AVC before sending it out to CDNs
  • Remote Management: Manages codec from anywhere
  • Store and Forward: Records and uploads files in chunks for efficient delivery

“Prism Flex is the culmination of years of testing and feedback from some of our largest customers, including NASA, Netflix, and USA Today,” said Michael Gailing, GM of Live Production. “What I think customers will love most is just how much cutting-edge functionality is packed into such a small device. With so many organizations moving to mobile and remote production workflows, a product like Prism Flex is just a no-brainer.”

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