CNN+ website is now live

The website for CNN+ has gone live — and some shows have already debuted their first episodes. 

The service, which officially launches March 29, 2022, switched its website at over to a new site layout March 28, 2022.

Select shows have also released a first episode while others only feature trailers. At least one, “The Newscast with Wolf Blitzer” appears to be displayed as if it has an episode available (despite its airtime not even hitting yet on the day before launch) but all that plays is the CNN+ production card.

Instead of the email signup page that simply allowed users to enter an email address for updates, users now see a list of thumbnail carousels of the programming available on the service and links to sign up or login.

For at least some users, going to appears to redirect to, which is the email signup page. The new page can be accessed at 

As previously announced, CNN is offering a “deal of a lifetime” that lowers the $5.99 a month price to $2.99 a month for as long as the subscription is active.