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NAB Show 2022: Elements focused on evolution of hybrid media workflows

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High-performance media storage specialist Elements is excited to be planning its 2022 NAB Show presence. Leading the live demonstrations will be a set of new features set to revolutionize workflows.

To deliver the highest levels of performance in video post production for the media and entertainment market, Elements adopted BeeGFS, an ultra-modern file system powering the world’s fastest super-computers, first developed by ThinkParQ/Fraunhofer ITWM.

Now Elements has integrated it into a hybrid storage platform that allows facilities to access content seamlessly across both on-premise appliances and the cloud, in a single, intuitive user interface. Key features like remote collaboration and metadata-based searches are available in the cloud just as they are with on-premises storage. Workspaces in hybrid systems have near-endless scalability and access from anywhere.

The support of cloud services has also been expanded in the Elements Media Library. Connecting the Media Library to the cloud lets users preview, share and collaborate on the footage as easily as if it were stored on on-premise storage. Also, the Media Library now allows external users to upload footage securely and supports full metadata transfer (even between separate ELEMENTS systems). The AAF export functionality was added to allow rough-cuts to be imported into Avid Media Composer, DaVinci Resolve, Premiere Pro and many other professional applications.

“The events of the last couple of years have meant that the post industry has completely re-evaluated the way it needs to work,” said André Kamps, CEO of Elements. “The cloud with its ready scalability and access from anywhere has suddenly become very attractive. What we are doing is delivering the real cloud benefits, presented in a way that makes perfect sense to the media industry.

“You cannot really appreciate how simple, logical and very, very fast it is without seeing it, which is why we are delighted to be back at a major trade show and in front of our clients,” Kamps added.

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