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Vizrt updates Libero sports analysis software with focus on speed, UI

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Vizrt has released version 8.0 of its Viz Libero analysis and replay tool for sports broadcasting.

The latest version of Viz Libero focuses specifically on enhancing the user experience and empowering operators to substantially reduce the turn-around time for creating pre-, post, and in-game analysis content in a fast-paced live sports environment.

“The ability of an operator to move fast and deliver compelling content is a competitive advantage for any broadcaster, Viz Libero now offers the fastest, and most complete sports analysis solution on the market, with endless possibilities to create stunning analysis content that broadcasters want to use on every match-day,” said Richard Einstein, Senior Product Manager Sports.

“The new user interface, which offers an amplified user experience, alongside the advanced features with the latest release of Viz Libero enables broadcasters to produce more high-impact content in less time in game, consequently increasing viewer engagement, coverage uptake, and ROI.”

“Having used the Viz Libero system for many years as an operator, I am excited about the improvements that come with version 8. Steps such as updating 3D keyframes are no longer necessary and are sure to improve the speed and turnaround time of building plays. The processing speed has improved dramatically, and the UI is overall more efficient. I am excited about what the new version of software has to offer,” said Tony Gregory of ESPN.

Simpler and faster.

The sleek new Graphics User Interface is more powerful, with faster interactions and fewer clicks necessary to create analysis clips. Users have all functionalities at their fingertips – selecting video, calibration, adding and previewing graphics, or exporting clips – for instantaneous switching between the different steps in the workflow to enhance productivity and output quality.

Easier to learn.


To avoid staffing bottlenecks, they need a broad user base. The streamlined design of Viz Libero 8 can be adopted quickly by new users, and within only a few minutes, they can operate the tool. With fewer costs and time for training, broadcasters can quickly grow their operator base for more flexibility.

Analyze content, better.

A new preview functionality, available during the complete workflow, adds to precision when calibrating, keying, or editing 3D camera flights to instantly see the effects in the final clip without rendering. The NLE editor has received a clearer structure with improved visibility to allow faster access and accurate adjustments to all relevant elements on the timeline.

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