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NAB Show 2022: Bridge Technologies to add signal generation functionality to monitoring tool

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Bridge Technologies has added signal generation functionality to its VB440 IP media traffic monitoring probe.

By introducing not just signal monitoring but also signal generation, the VB440 now allows for placeholder reference signals to be generated when setting up a studio, thus allowing for the network to be checked without needing to fully assemble all network components. These placeholders can also be used to measure and test network performance for elements which are not due to be integrated into the studio setup until later in the workflow.

The new signal generation functionality allows for users to manually set placeholder reference signals through the GUI itself, or through NMOS. This can be achieved for any resolution or framerate, for both SDR and HDR signals.

These can be used to ‘represent’ cameras, picture switchers, etc., – with each given a colour bar and video or audio ident – even before the physical asset itself is set-up. This thus allows for the network connection with the central studio to be tested for reliability and security before the actual installation of auxiliary components; providing the very apparent advantage of facilitating dramatically more efficient setup times and early error detection. These placeholders can also be used to accommodate connections which will be integrated into the workflow later (for instance, uplinks with remote interview sources); therefore significantly increasing trust in the reliability of the broadcast even as it airs live.

In introducing these signal generation capabilities, Bridge Technologies has expanded the purpose of the VB440. The company notes the VB440 is aimed to become a comprehensive, holistic production tool that facilitates the workflows of a whole host of production stakeholders, providing extensive functionality that is both intuitive and requires only an HTML-5 browser for access – thus replacing potentially whole racks of task-specific equipment and monitors in environments where both space and budget might be at a premium.

“The inclusion of signal generation adds a whole new realm of versatility in terms of what the VB440 can contribute in a production setting. It’s truly becoming the Swiss army knife of production, but the tools it’s equipped with, are surgeons’ knives; providing exceptional precision and depth of functionality,” said Simen Frostad of Bridge.

“And the great thing is, the ability to generate ‘placeholder references’ from this new signal generation functionality – and thus aid with off-site network setup and testing – is just the tip of the iceberg; just one of many functions which will eventually be facilitated by virtue of this new ability to not just monitor but also generate signal”.


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