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Bally Sports adding HDR broadcasts later this year

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Bally Sports will add high dynamic range (HDR) content in the third quarter of 2022.

Sinclair, working closely with its Bally Sports RSNs and technology vendors, has provided an “end-to-end” approach to transition the sports industry to a more realistic and engaging viewing experience.

“We recognize the need to bring better, more engaging content to our viewers across all platforms. This ‘no-compromise’ approach provides the highest quality viewing experience possible today, supplementing events captured in HDR. On the distribution side, it is the smart way to deliver SDR and HDR content efficiently in a single, universal transmission format,” said Del Parks, Sinclair’s President of Technology.

Leveraging “Advanced HDR by Technicolor,” high quality sports programming will be enhanced by intelligently extending the dynamic range (contrast) and increasing the color gamut to match more closely real-world experiences.

SL-HDR1, part of the ATSC NextGen Broadcast standard, enables remarkable picture quality to be delivered to new consumer displays that support HDR. HDR video technology provides substantially brighter highlights, deeper shadow details, and brilliant colors. Employing a backward-compatible approach, SL-HDR1 enables content producers to deliver a single video stream to new and legacy display devices (TVs, tablets, phones, etc.).

As a result, newer devices will automatically render the more realistic HDR picture format while legacy displays will render the standard format (SDR). This allows for efficient bandwidth utilization, which is particularly important for over-the-air broadcasts.

Using this small suite of standardized technologies, Bally Sports game productions will provide an enhanced digital signal using HDR for all games, which will roll-out over the second half of 2022.


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