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Mobile TV Group deploys first container-based Cloud Control unit for Bally Ohio

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Mobile TV Group has completed its first Cloud Control Container, Cloud-C1 for Bally Sports Ohio.

The unit will be used to produce live broadcasts of the Ohio and Great Lakes regions’ leading sports teams, including the Cincinnati Reds and Cleveland Cavaliers.

The Cloud Control Container represents the latest innovation in Mobile TV Group’s effort to expand access to its suite of mobile production services.

Mobile TV Group introduced Cloud Control as the first fully-remote production solution designed to meet the requirements of professional broadcast networks in response to the industry’s evolution toward remote workflows in 2020.

Since then, Mobile TV Group has completed the buildout of over 20 Cloud Control rooms in office spaces around the country. The Cloud Control Container extends further flexibility in managing live productions at a fraction of the cost of a traditional facility. 

“Our goal with Cloud Control is to provide storytellers with the ability to deploy all of the capabilities they need to deliver the highest quality broadcast from any location, and we are taking the versatility of this solution to the next level by building it into a repurposed shipping container,” said Nick Garvin, COO of Mobile TV Group in a statement, adding that the company aims to deliver solutions that expand the access and endpoints that meet the current and future needs of customers.

Mobile TV Group’s Cloud Control solution delivers all of the functionality of a traditional production room and requires less than 24 hours to set up.

Cloud Control gives broadcasters the ability to access multiple mobile units from a single location — eliminating the need for additional production rooms that can cost millions of dollars and take months to build out.


With the introduction of the Cloud Container, broadcasters can now have a prefabricated unit fully equipped to integrate into their existing live production workflow with no on-site build-out required.

Sourced from environmentally sustainable materials, the Cloud Container is easily deployed to any location due to its compact and durable design.

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