A guy recreated the Netflix vanity card using nothing but yarn

A stop motion animator and self-proclaimed “video wizard” has painstakingly recreated the Netflix production logo vanity card using yarn.

Kevin Parry, who is known for his videos featuring himself morphing into other objects thanks to compositing and visual illusions, took on the challenge “for no reason at all.”

The production logo vanity card he recreated was introduced in 2020 as part of an overall redesign of the cards.

Previously, Netflix had used a three-second logo featuring the iconic “ta-dum” soundmark but needed to make it the film industry standard of 15 seconds as its productions started getting theatrical releases.

This included hiring renowned film composer Hans Zimmer to extend the length of the audio signature. 

The version Parry recreated is the shorter one — but it still took him three days of painstakingly photographing both the red “N” icon and multicolored yarn to create the “prism” look in the animation.

Parry says it cost him about $30 to buy the yarn.