NBC previews ‘Meet the Press Now,’ ‘Chris Jansing Reports’ looks

Following news that MSNBC’sMTP Dailywill be moving to streamer NBC News Now and retitled as “Meet the Press Now,” the network also released updated key art for it and the “MSNBC Reports” block that will replace it on cable.

Despite being referred to as “Meet the Press Now” (spelled out) in all of NBC’s announcements, the key art uses the same “MTP” initialism that “MTP Daily” made use of in both its official title and on-screen graphics, though the full use of the words “Meet the Press” does appear as part of its existing opening animation briefly before all but those three letters fade out and come together as a way of illustrating what they stand for.

For “MTP Now,” the graphics retain the angular, fractal look that “Meet the Press” and “MTP Daily” use, though they appear to use a blue and yellow color scheme as opposed to the current warmer orange look that appears at the end of the open.

The word “Now” with NBC News Now’s trademark underscore accent appears below, with that line mostly overhanging the right side of the lockup and remains in the NBC News Now logotype font.

Somewhat oddly, the line “with Chuck Todd” is placed between the “MTP” and “Now” lines, almost as if the show is somehow supposed to be called “MTP with Chuck Todd Now” (it’s not), though it’s not unheard for logo designs to feature lines out of the order they are meant to be read.


“MTP” and Todd’s name remain in the distinctive font “Meet the Press” introduced in 2017 after the show’s 70th anniversary that included the use of the prior logo version.

It’s not immediately clear if the Now version will continue to share “The Pulse of Events” movement from “The Mission” that “Meet the Press” has used for years, though “MTP Daily” did so it’s probably likely.

Meanwhile, with “MTP Daily” ending during the 1 p.m. eastern timeslot on MSNBC, veteran NBC correspondent and anchor Chris Jansing will take over the timeslot with an hour of “MSNBC Reports” under the title “Chris Jansing Reports,” following the network’s March 2021 switch to the “Reports” branding away from “MSNBC Live.”

Under this new schema, all “Reports” hours share a blue, white and yellow color scheme and graphics, with the opens customized for each anchor.

Jansing, meanwhile, tweeted an image showing the “Chris Jansing Reports” name next to a photo of herself, though this look is different from the opens, while feature bold blue backgrounds and an isometric-style look, such as the “Katy Tur Reports” version shown below.

When MSNBC introduced the “Reports” branding, “MTP Daily” did not switch to the name “MTP Reports” or “Chuck Todd Reports,” making it the lone show in the network’s dayside that didn’t follow that name format, a situation that will now be rectified assuming the network keeps the 11 a.m. hour formerly anchored by Craig Melvin as a “Reports” block.

That hour currently does not have a permanent host.

Meet the Press Reports” is, however, the name of a digital series that’s also hosted by Todd and focuses on single topics, typically centered around politics.