Asharq climate change explainer uses visuals to represent concept of pollution

Asharq took on the topic of climate change and its causes in a virtual explainer.

The segment, which used Unreal Engine, does not feature any on-screen talent, but rather a narrator only.

Most of the first portion depicts a series of gritty, almost dystopian industrial areas as the various sources of emissions and greenhouse gasses are explored, as well as the concept of acid rain. The overall feel of these scenes appears to be purposefully designed to almost make the viewer “feel” the pollution levels in a visual sense — thanks to rough, worn textures and visibly dirty air as well as the feeling of being trapped in a type of labyrinth.

The setting then shifts to more traditional neighborhoods to showcase the effect of rising sea levels on humans, including structures, coastal areas and secondary effects such as wildfires.

Throughout the segment, many key facts and figures are displayed in Arabic on-screen, typically rendered in white 3D lettering and placed strategically within the 3D environment, such as on the face of a building or on a ledge.