‘Jennifer Hudson’ goes bright, bold in newly-released key art

The Jennifer Hudson Show” released its key art and logo design along with setting its fall 2022 premiere date.

In the new art released June 16, 2022, Hudson, who achieved EGOT status at the 75th annual Tony Awards Sunday, June 12, 2022, for her producer credit in the musical “A Strange Loop,” is pictured with her hands in the air wearing a magenta dress.

She’s standing in front of wall that appears to be made of large circular sequins backed by a gradient that runs from yellow to magenta and red — with stops in the neighborhoods of orange and pink.

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Meanwhile the show’s logotype is created with what appears to be the heavy, condensed typeface Compacta or something similar. Those letters, in turn, have a glittery, sparkle effect applied to them that could also read as diamonds.

The choice of a thick, condensed typeface gives a strong and bold impression for the show, as opposed to the perhaps more approachable and friendly looks used by other syndicated daytime talk shows such as “Ellen,” “The Kelly Clarkson Show” and outgoingWendy Williams.”

Shows such as “Tamron Hall,” meanwhile, have gone the middle route — with a strong, bold sans serif that still has has a sense of elegance.


Meanwhile, the “Hudson” logotype features the word “The” is tucked above the hook in the “J” who the word “Show” is parked in the lower right of the multi-line lockup.

In addition, the nickname “J Hud” appears in a handwritten-look to the left of “Hudson” in purple, suggesting it might serve as a sort of alternate logo.

The post-style key art released June 16 also includes the tagline “Lighting up daytime!” along the top of the image.

“Hudson” is from Warner Bros., with much of the same team as “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” behind it. 

On June 23, 2022, the show released its first promo, which features interview-style clips of Hudson combined with what appear to be clips from the pilot episode that was shot on the “Ellen” set.

It will be produced on Stage 1, the former home of “Ellen,” on the Warner Bros. lot on a completely new set that began installation shortly after its predecessor wrapped production in late April 2022.

Stage 1 was named “The Ellen Stage” in 2015. 

Meanwhile, former “Ellen” lead-in “The Kelly Clarkson Show” is preparing to “reimagine” itself as it moves into DeGeneres’ time period on NBC-owned stations in major markets.

What will, in turn, replace “Clarkson” has yet to be seen. An NBCUniversal source said no decision when contacted in late May 2022.