Telemetrics advances portfolio of robotic camera control with variety of innovations at IBC 2022

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From new studio robotics and control panel features to extended range camera elevation columns, the company’s wide range of products offer better performance and greater efficiency than ever.

Telemetrics, the innovators in robotic camera control, is bringing a variety of new and expanded products and systems to the 2022 IBC Show in Amsterdam, all designed to streamline multi-camera video productions for the Studio, Live Sports, Corporate, Education and Government markets. This includes innovative tools designed to streamline remote production, on-site operations and a hybrid of both. On display in the Rai Convention Centre, Stand 12.G34 Telemetrics will show:

OmniGlide Robotic Roving Platform

Now considered the most versatile (and esthetically pleasing) studio camera pedestal on the market, two Telemetrics OmniGlide® Robotic Rover systems will be shown working live and collaboratively in the booth with new operational features that give it better performance for on-air as well as virtual sets and augmented reality applications—from companies like Orad (Avid) and Vizrt.

New features this year include “Path Planning”, which is performed by the control panel working in tandem with the rover. This allows users to navigate complex nonlinear paths in a studio or event space, avoiding collisions with set pieces and studio personnel. Special AI-assisted software allows the rover to instinctively learn the space it is operating in and find the safest and least obstructed path from Point A to Point B.

Pan/Tilt Systems

The Telemetrics RoboEye, with its 1” Exmor™ 4K sensor block, offers the highest quality image acquisition (at 30 or 60 fps) of any compact robotic camera in its class, complete with 12G output that’s now available with SDI BNC connectors or Fiber (for longer distance signal distribution) that connections via an SFP module* (*Customer supplied).

The booth will also feature a new camera control interface between the Telemetrics CP-S5 compact pan/tilt head and a variety of DLSR cameras—from companies like Canon, Panasonic and Sony—offering nature documentarians, professional photographers and others the ability to capture high-quality stills and video via precise remote control from short or long distances.

Robotic Camera Control Panels (RCCP)

The company continues to add new features that streamline workflows and make robotic camera operation faster, easier and more capable than ever before. At IBC 2022 the new features of the RCCP-2A control panel to be demonstrated live include Prep Execute, Motion Edit, Enhanced Trim Shot, and InFlight Bumping.

The first, Prep Execute, enables users to instruct the robotics to prepare to move to a starting position and when they are ready they can now, with a single button press, execute the move. InFlight Bumping lets operators adjust for last second movement by the talent or changes to the production workflow in real time. So they are pushing or bumping the camera movements “In flight.”

Motion Edit makes shot motions easier to set up and execute. It’s a preset staring position that records everything the operator does and plays it back. It’s great for complicated, nonlinear moves. Previously you had to record the entire move. Now the operator can go back and re-record individual axis. Finally, Enhanced Trim Shot makes the RCCP-2A more functional than before. There’s a new User Interface to immediately show the operator which shots are trimmed, which makes it a lot more user friendly. It also makes the trimmed shots a lot more useable.

The RCCP-2A panel will also be featured with improved talent tracking in its reFrame® AI-assisted talent tracking software, available both the STS Studio and LGS Legislative software packages. New this year (although it was developed in 2020), is Ultra-Wide Band sensors, which add a third layer of tracking to go with its proven facial and object tracking. This offers greatly improved accuracy when tracking people on camera. This also serves as a real-time location or spatial awareness technology that has made reFrame the most accurate and reliable talent tracking software on the market.

New “Intelligent” Power Supply

Telemetrics has developed a new multi-function power supply for its robotic camera control systems that includes a small LCD display for labeling purposes as well as diagnostics. The new PS-RM2-48 also includes Ethernet connectivity, giving users the ability to control and monitor the power supply remotely. This also serves as a safety feature because now users can monitor the power that’s being drawn from the power supply.

The new PS-RM2-48 can be used to remotely turn robotic camera components on and off—and it features a lot more juice than previous power supplies. In the past, a Telemetrics OmniGlide Robotic Roving Platform would require three or four standard power supplies (one for the rover, the Televator®, and pan/tilt head). Now, with this new product, users can power all of the components with a single power supply. Therefore, it’s easier to use, takes up less rack space and is more fully featured. The PS-RM2-48 power supply has begun shipping with all new Telemetrics robotic camera systems.

Elevating (And Descending) Columns

The Telemetrics Extendable Camera Mount ECM-3/-5 Televator robotic (descending) extension arm adds new opportunities for on-air creativity by offering twice the extension (more than 8 feet of travel) of other Televator products. This allows users to mount it on a Telemetrics TG4 ceiling track system on the ceiling extending down—for spaces with high ceilings—and add unique camera angles and “looks” to your production that were simply not possible before.

The longer descending column features smooth operation for precise camera positioning and easily maintained cable management on the front and back of the unit, making performance at its longest extension (14’8” with camera and Pan/Tilt Head) and most compact (4”5”) form factor sturdy and reliable. The unit is designed to be mounted on a ceiling extending down from a Telemetrics TG4 track system and trolley for unique shots.

Versatile Camera Track Systems

On the stand, Telemetrics will demonstrate several models from its TG4 track system and trolley portfolio, including curved and straight camera track systems mounted on both the ceiling and floor.

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