Jib captures fairytale-like closing shot of Johnson’s rocky tenure as PM

A jib operator managed to capture a stunning shot of now-former Prime Minister Boris Johnson departing No. 10 Downing Street in preparation for the transition of power.

The live shot was captured by a jib brought in for the occasion — and the weather and sun managed to cooperate to allow the camera to capture a motorcade departing No. 10 and heading off into the sunrise, with its rays interplaying with the lens to create some colorful effects.

Sources tell NewscastStudio that the jib was a pool camera, meaning a variety of networks could have used it.

Some online viewers added a rendition of “Julia’s Theme” from BBC’s soap opera “EastEnders” to the video clip, but it was not included in the original BBC airing. Johnson had a camera appearance on the show in 2009.

The area outside of No. 10 had been turned into a media area with scaffolding set up to accommodate a wide number of live camera positions, correspondents and crew on the ground to cover the change in power.