‘Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace?’ appears to be getting updated look for CNN-HBO Max debut

With CNN finalizing plans for how “Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace?” will air in different formats on both CNN and HBO Max, it appears the show is getting a new look as well.

The show, which is essentially a revival of a CNN+ series by the same name, was originally launched under its clunky name with an equally clunky logo design and graphics package that used a distinct font and gold textural elements. 

In new imagery released with its Sept. 6, 2022, announcement, the show appears to be taking on a new, toned down look that uses a simpler condensed sans serif typeface with a speech bubble outline, a not-so-subtle reference to the show’s name and interview format.

A hint of the old gold look is retained by featuring the host name in a yellow-gold color. The tagline “Discourse. Not discord” has also been added to the key art.

In a teaser promo, host Chris Wallace refers to the show as “new” and also calls it simply “Who’s Talking” (though it’s worth noting saying the whole name at that point in the brief script would have been a bit awkward).

Wallace, meanwhile, is shown walking amidst vertical portraits of some of his guests that appear to have been created virtually, mimicking the look of large freestanding video panels or lightboxes. 


It’s not immediately clear what studio Wallace will use. The originally incarnation of the show used an updated portion of one of CNN’s Washington, D.C. set, including a large modular anchor desk that had shapes suggestive of the plus symbol as well as updated wall coverings, which have remained in place since CNN+ shut down in the spring of 2022 after less than a month in operation.