‘The View’ updates open for new co-hosts, gets new stools for Season 26

ABC’sThe View” returned for Season 26 Sept. 6, 2022, with some minor updates to its open and set.

With Ana Navarro and Alyssa Farah Griffin joining the show, the open needed updating and the show largely retained the clean, angular look it used during its 25th anniversary season from 2021 to 2022. 

Naturally, the outlines of the number “25” were removed, as was the microtext spelling out “twenty-five.”

The show did add new microtext during the talent portion of the open that listed all six names, with the current co-host’s name becoming highlighted as she is shown on-screen and mentioned by the announcer.

Navarro was added to the opens late in Season 25 after inking her deal to become a permanent, albeit part-time, co-host.

Season 25’s plus-sign accents have been removed in favor of a simplified starburst look that’s essentially a narrower version of the plus-symbol rotated 45-degrees.


The open also eliminates behind-the-scenes and candid shots of the talent in favor of multiple studio stills, some of which have been updated while others remain the same from last season.

Other updates include more gold accents in the angular elements inspired by the show’s longtime “V” icon in its logo, which remains the same, rather poorly-assembled, look as the season before.

Vivid Zero worked with the show on the updated opening titles. 

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Meanwhile, the show’s set remains largely the same, but with one notable update — new stools for the co-hosts. 

The show traded in its darker, padded stools with a single post and flat base (similar to these) in favor of a white four-legged model (similar to these). The old stools were notoriously tricky to get into — and co-host Joy Behar took a spill in March 2022 trying to get into hers on live TV.

These stools are similar to the ones used on Season 26 of ‘The View.’

Those new seating looks much sturdier — and is a bit more in line with some current decor trends, with the flat metallic bases and suspended footrest look falling in and out of favor over the years.