‘Tamron Hall’ gets new logo, other updates for Season 4

Disney’s syndicated daytime talk show “Tamron Hall” updated its look for the start of its fourth season Sept. 5, 2022.

The show got an updated logo design along with some updates to the set.

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For a logo, the show dropped its original look that used what appeared to be Didot for “Tamron” and a sans serif for “Hall” in exchange for ITC Vintage Regular for both names.

The new look no longer features the thick bar that filled in the space to the left of the much smaller “Hall” on the second line of the lockup. 

Instead, there is now a thinner line under the first four letters that goes downward at a 90-degree angle just under the “O” before changing directions again to go under “Hall.” The end result is the appearance of a stair or step.

The end result is a look that has a bit more character but also feels a bit more cluttered, especially when it’s used as the bug in the lower left as the old one was.


Hall’s set inside of the ABC broadcast center’s Studio TV2 has also been updated.

The season premiere Sept. 5 featured festive and dramatic geometric cutouts in a gold tone and backed with sparkly strings placed in front of the wall elements that alternate between a matte gold tone and backlit bars, but these were removed for subsequent episodes. 

In this detail photo from Season 3, Hall can be seated next to the old credenza. 

Behind one of Hall’s one-shots there is a new credenza, this one done in teal and gold with scalloped accents, which contrasts with the previous white mid-century model.

On-set and in-show graphics feature a similar light blue and yellow gradient, though it appears to have been simplified slightly and, in some cases, skews a bit more toward the teal-green part of the spectrum. 

Photos by Jeff Neira/ABC