‘Cuomo’ debuts with custom theme music from Stephen Arnold Music

“Cuomo” on Nexstar’s NewsNation debuted with a bold, modern theme from Stephen Arnold Music.

The theme celebrates Chris Cuomo’s highly anticipated return to cable news, notes Stephen Arnold Music, employing drums, guitars and bass in a distinctive groove blending rock, punk and blues.

“Chris Cuomo exudes style and confidence,” said Chad Cook, creative director at Stephen Arnold Music. “The music has a similar feel. It’s unconventional. It’s got attitude, energy and purpose.”

Cook notes the music is edge, hip and relatable and was inspired by Chris Cuomo’s larger-than-life personality.

“The music for Cuomo brings a new vibe and energy to the whole network,” said Jonathan Killian, NewsNation VP, creative marketing and brand communications. “It’s bold, upbeat and memorable.”

Stephen Arnold Music created two versions of the track, a main signature theme and a more serious rendering. It also created a package of transitions, interstitials and promos tracks based on the theme.

Stephen Arnold Music has worked extensively with NewsNation since its launch, creating the network’s primary themes along with music for most of its programming.

“It’s always a pleasure to work with Jonathan Killian and his creative team, Mark Wright, Renee Cullen, Siena Esposito, John Spiwak and Joseph Turner,” said Cook.