How other networks used AR, VR during election coverage

Although NBC, MSNBC and Fox went big on augmented reality and virtual production elements during their coverage of the 2022 election, some networks took a more restrained approach or stuck with similar designs to what’s been used in the past.

We have separate coverage of the following networks that offered more extensive AR elements:

ABC News

ABC did not use any outdoor augmented reality or virtual set extensions, but rather stuck to use the LED tile floor in Studio TV3, which is home to “World News Tonight” and the network’s election headquarters, to showcase augmented reality imagery of the Capitol and poll results.

Some of these effects were achieved by feeding the text and other simple elements to the actual LED panels with the 3D graphics and models layered on top.


Telemundo largely stuck with similar AR to what it used in 2020, which centers around, quite literally, the circular atrium and stairway that leads up to the newsroom, which was once again being used as a multi-venue set.

The network brought back its large 3D view of the Capitol dome as well as AR data-driven graphics appearing with a presenter standing on the floor of the atrium’s lower level.

It also again used the circular railing and opening down to the lower level as a base for large circular AR elements that would fill in using circular animation, creating a platform of sorts for additional 3D elements to sit on.


As far as we could tell, CNN did not use any significant AR elements during its coverage, relying instead of the large video walls in both its New York and Washington, D.C. studios.


We’re still working on updating this post with additional examples of AR.