L.A. Rams’ digital studio makes big punch despite small space

The Los Angeles Rams added a small TV studio with a custom set from JHD Group this season, primarily designed as a production environment for digital content such as “The Coach McVay Show” and the “Rams Kids Show.”

Built inside a modular building on the site of the Rams’ current practice facility, the studio space is relatively small and includes two distinct interview areas plus green screen area.

The Rams are slated to move its practice facility to property that its team owner acquired earlier in 2022, so the current production space could be viewed as transitional until a more permanent arrangement is created.

Despite its small size, the set was created to allow for maximum flexibility.

One corner features a vertical video panel with internally lit frame that can serve as both a background element behind seated arrangements or standups, depending on how the furniture is set up.

This corner also includes multiple prominent diagonal elements, constructed by IDF Studio Scenery, perhaps a nod to the team’s custom-drawn “LA” logotype.

The space also includes multiple distinct materials — faux brick, wood tones, a “living” wall and a textured concrete-like surface.


Redwood Media Group worked with the Rams to light the space and paid close attention to how each wall texture has been lit, as well as creating options for flexible talent and guest setups.

Diagonals on either side of the green wall are accented with edge lighting, that serve as both a visual divider and way to add additional interest to the faux greenery.

To contrast the organic faux plant wall, JHD mounted large, clean dimensional lettering spelling out the team’s full name, creating an eye-catching branding element that makes it clear what the space is used for.

An additional space next to this features a faux printed brick wall that features angular segments painted in multiple shades of gray plus blue, orange and yellow, which are all found in the team’s branding.

Mounted on the wall are two framed prints, one creating a fun nod to a smiley face with the word “Rams” serving as the mouth and two footballs as the eyes. 

There’s also a bold yellow “LA” in distinctive typography against a blue background.

Installed above this space are neon sign-inspired lettering reading “Rams House,” which add another bold branding element to the space and also, combined with the brick wall, gives off the vibe of a sports bar.

Because most of the productions, at least as of now, are interview-style, there is a small collection of seating and end and coffee table-style pieces that can be used in any number of combinations.

There’s also a mobile video panel are a wood toned-card fronted with the team logo that can be used for talent and guests to analyze video or enhance backgrounds with on-set graphics.